124. Allowing and Accepting Prosperity and Abundance

Sound Number 124

Description of sound

Allowing and Accepting Prosperity and Abundance is a limited release practitioner level sound only, and deals with the deeper levels of allowing and accepting prosperity and abundance. Currently it is only used in the Personal and Business Abundance program and the Business Prosperity and Abundance program.


Sound Length 11.06 mins


How this sound came about

This sound came about in response to the requirements fo the programs which Susan teaches through the sounds from source academy site. We had and have done similar sounds but this one was specific to these programs only.

Comment from Susan – Each of the sounds has its own subtle resonance and aspects with which it addresses. Because of the channelled course content, this sound was specifically channelled for the students as they make their own journey towards prosperity and abundance. Within each course, as we progress through the levels of knowledge, this sound may be played again and again to assist the students to release limits and fully embrace prosperity and abundance – in whatever form that means for them.


Not For Sale. A very powerful set of sounds and recommended for practitioner use only. Available only from a SFS session by an endorsed practitioner or by doing a suitable SFS Course.

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Combinations of use with other sounds

As offered in the programs listed above.